Early Stage Volunteers

After Moder Patshala's establishment in 2004, its After School Program was run mainly by Bangladeshi American volunteers including Ali Zaker, Najneen Kabita, Mohammed Jahangir Alam Khan, Shamsur Rahman Lipu, Shilpy Khatun Koly, Azaz Uddin Noyan, Ayasha Akter Bina, Saifur Rahman Shipu, Dr. Ibrul Hassan Chowdhury, Salauddin Ahmed, Dr. Hydar Ali, Ripan Saha, Abu Raihan, Abdur Rahman Farhan, Nooruddin M. A. Wahab, Omar Radi, Dr. Wadud Bhuiyan, Kabir Golam, and Dr. Faruq Siddiqui.

There have been countless individuals who contributed during the early stages and beyond to make Moder Patshala the invaluable resource it is today. We are immensely grateful for the support provided by all who have crossed Moder Patshala’s doorstep over the years. We have done our best to include the names of these contributors here, though this list is by no means exhaustive as many in the community were crucial during and after these initial years.